Paris Marathon Booking Form

2014 Paris Marathon Trip Application

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Enclosed is:_______$200 per person deposit by check plus $280 per entry.

Make checks payable to: Marathon Tours, Inc., C-5 Shipway Place, Boston, MA 02129.

___ I prefer the package with sightseeing, pre-race dinner, etc.
___ I want to book just the hotel (Splendid Etoile cannot be booked as hotel only)
___ Please include me for the Half Day Tour to Versailles

___ Please include me for the Full Day Tour to celebrate my marathon in Champagne

___ I am a member of the Seven Continents Club.


Hotel Choice_________________ Arrival Date:_______ Departure Date:______

Room type: ___double ___single ___triple
___ Match me in a room with another runner 


Airport Departure City:______________ 


Passport Name:________________________________________ Entry? Yes__ No__ 

Passport Name(s):______________________________________ Entry? Yes__ No__


City:_______________________ State:____________ Zip:______

Day Phone:_______________ Eve. Phone:______________ Email__________________

Date(s) of Birth: ______________________________/_____________________________

Emergency contact name and phone______________________________________________


Special Requests:______________________________________________________________



I have read and agree to the terms listed under General Conditions.

Signature________________________________________________ Date_________________