Trip Application

2014 Easter Island Marathon

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Mail this form with a $400 per person deposit by check to:
Marathon Tours, Inc. C-5 Shipway Place, MA 02129


___ Santiago & Easter Island Package with Air                    ___6-Night Easter Island Only

___ Santiago & Easter Island Package without Air to/from Santiago         

___  Machu Picchu Extension (requires addtional $200 per person and payment in full for flights)


Passport Name ___________________________ Entry? Mara__ 1/2__ 10K__ No__ Tri__ Mtb__
Passport Name Sharing with__________________Entry? Mara__ 1/2__ 10K__ No__ Tri__ Mtb__
Address ____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State ______ Zip _______ Citizenship______/_______ M/F__/__
Day Phone _________________________ Evening Phone ____________________________
Departure City ____________________Email_______________________________________
Date of Birth(s) _________________/___________________Age(s) day of race______/______
Passports number(s)____________________________/______________________________
Emergency contact name and phone_______________________________________________
*Need passport, Citizenship, contact, DOB and ages for all travellers, whether running or not*

___Single Occupancy Room               ___Match me in a room with another runner
___ Double Bed        ___Twin Beds   ___Bungalow Upgrade on Easter Island 
___Book me at the Hanga Roa Hotel
___I am a member of the Seven Continents Club      ___This is my 7th Continent

Special Requests _________________________________________________________

I have read and agree to the terms outlined under General Conditions.
For more information call Marathon Tours, 617-242-7845 or Email at
**We highly recommend the Santiago and Easter Island package as it is the perfect amount of time to arrive in South America on time and to experience both  Chile and Easter Island.  There is much to explore.  Please contact Kelly Allen with any questions you have regarding the different itineraries.