Berlin Booking Form

2013 Berlin Marathon Trip Application

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Mail this form with a $250 per person deposit plus $250 for each race entry by check only to:
Marathon Tours, Inc., C-5 Shipway Place, Boston, MA 02129

Arrival Date_________ Departure Date_________
___one bed ___two beds ___single bed___rollaway for 3rd person in room 
___Match me in a room with another runner (not guaranteed).


___Post-race trip to Munich for Oktoberfest (additional $250 per person deposit)


___I am a member of the Seven Continents Club     ___This is my 7th Continent

Flight Departure City _______________

Passport Name _________________________________ Entry?  Yes ___No ___Entered Online___
Sharing with____________________________________ Entry?   Yes ___No ___Entered Online___
Address _____________________________________________
City __________________________ State ______ Zip _______
Day Phone ___________ Evening Phone ___________
Date of Birth(s) _____________________/___________________

Shirt Size(s) _______________________/___________________
Emergency contact name and phone_______________________________________________
Special Requests ______________________________________

I have read and agree to the terms outlined under General Conditions.
For more information call Marathon Tours, 617-242-7845 or Email at