Athens Classic Marathon Booking Form



2014 Athens Classic Marathon Tour Application



Mail this form with a $400 per person by check to:

Marathon Tours, Inc., C-5 Shipway Place, Boston, MA 02129


Hotel choice:   Royal Olympic _____         Hotel Hera _____    

Room Type: Double Bed (one bed for two people) ____     

                       Twin Beds (two beds for two people) ____
                       Single Occupancy Room (one bed for one person)_____     

                       Match me in a room with another runner ____


I am a member of the Seven Continents Club _____


I am interested in the Twofer package to the Istanbul Marathon (Athens Nov 6-12/Istanbul Nov 12-17) ____

1st person Passport Name _______________________________ M/F____ Marathon? ___ 10K? ___ 5K? ___  None____

2nd person Passport name_______________________________ M/F____ Marathon? ___ 10? ___   5K?___ None ____
Address __________________________________________________
City __________________________ State ______ Zip _________
Day Phone _________________________ Evening Phone ______________________
Home Flight Departure City ______________ Email_________________________________
Date of Birth(s) ___________________/_____________________
Emergency contact name and phone_______________________________________________

Special Requests _______________________________________________________

I have read and agree to the terms outlined under General Conditions.