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Here is what our past travelers have to say about this trip:


Testimonial on YouTube - I loved this trip


I had thought this half marathon would be my one and only. However, I enjoyed it so much (the comraderie, the route, the people cheering us on along the way) that I'm planning on doing another. Jerry might join in by walking the half. Thanks for putting together a marvelous memory in a beautiful location.

Sandy B.

Wilmington, DE


Thanks for organizing this trip for us, both Linda and I had a great time and everything happened as it should including the amazing weather. We'll look forward to joining up with you on other trips.


Pierre and Linda

Toronto, Ontario  


I just wanted to thank you and Jane and Nicole for an absolutely perfect trip to Iceland.  It was a dream come true for me, a birthday gift I gave myself for turning 60 this past June, and it could not have been better.  And our guides - I had Kristin for most of the trip - were fantastic.  So much was packed in, I felt as if I'd been there longer than 5 days, but I never felt rushed or exhausted.  The race was great and though it was the first race I've run without my Garmin, and I was in no hurry as I wanted to take in everything, I ran my third best time out of my 16 half marathons!  

The entire trip was very well-planned and executed.  I loved every minute of an experience I will never forget.  Now to save up for my next adventure!

Maryann C.

Drexel Hill, PA


Jerry and I had a wonderful time in Reykjavik. You and your staff did a superb job from beginning to end. All the arrangements were perfect; the Plaza couldn't have been located any better (their breakfasts were terrific), the tours were great (no time to have to flounder around on our own), the opening luncheon was delicious (as was every restaurant we visited), and Jane was fantastic.