Bermuda Marathon Itinerary





January 15 - "Bermuda Triangle Challenge" welcome reception and briefing for all runners and friends who book through Marathon Tours. Early arrivals can enjoy the mild semi-tropical winter climate of this former British colony. You might also consider an early arrival to avoid a winter snow storm delay.


January 16 - Race check-in commences at the hotel. The KPMG Bermuda Invitational Mile events are held a short walk away on Front Street. Plan your dinner reservations to enjoy this annual event highlighting some of the world's fastest milers and local age group runners. The first wave of the Bermuda Triangle Challenge Miles will be held at 6:30 pm. (Photo courtesy of Lara Yasso.)


January 17 - The HSBC Bermuda 10K starts at 9:00 am at the National Stadium located about 1-1/2 miles from the hotel. Tickets for pre-race pasta party hosted by the Fairmont Princess can be purchased at race check-in.


January 18 - The HSBC Bermuda Marathon and Half-Marathon starts at 8:00 am just a short walk from the hotel. The Bermuda Track and Field Association welcomes all runners to the awards ceremony and reception at the hotel.


January 10 - Visitors extending their stay have a wide choice of sightseeing, shopping and just plain relaxation. Perhaps you would like to rent a moped and tour the island at 20 mph, the island speed limit.