Packing List

                      ANTARCTICA MARATHON AND HALF-MARATHON: Clothing & Gear Checklist


                                 EXPECTED TEMPERATURES:

                              Buenos Aires: 70-90F/20-32C

                 Ushuaia: 45-60F/7-16C

                    Antarctica: 0-35F/-18-2C


Winter Parka     Ski or glacier goggles
Synthetic under-layer tops and bottoms (2 or 3 sets) Binoculars for wildlife viewing
Goretex or similar outer-layer  Plastic bags for wet clothing
Rain gear/ waterproof slicker with pants
(can be rented on ship)
Wool gloves with open fingers for photo shooting
Water resistant gloves insulated to about 0F/-18CDry-bags for cameras and other valuables carried in zodiacs)
Running shorts/T-shirts for a run in BA  
Socks (wool for landings/synthetic for running)  
Running shoes – training or trail  
Jeans/khakis and warm clothing  
Medium size day-pack for landings and race day  

Electrolyte drink (powder) and/or

GU type carbohydrate replacement

(need GU container- one that will keep it from freezing)


Water bottles (3) - (you can buy some in Ushuaia)   

Get one that will keep it from freezing. 

Soft luggage - duffle bag or similar – try to bring only 1  
Camera with battery charger     
Hat for warmth and race    

Electronic adapters/converters for European outlets and power

Sense of humor and spirit of adventure!