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 What would induce hundreds of people from all over the world to spend thousands of dollars each and two weeks of their lives just to run a marathon in Antarctica? Especially one with a reputation as the toughest marathon on Earth?


John Hanc may have the answer. When he turned 50, he gave himself the birthday present to end all others—a trip to the end of the earth to run his most unforgettable race. The Coolest Race on Earth is both Hanc’s story and the story of the Antarctica Marathon, first held in 1995 and now an annual event that sells out years in advance. It’s not only a ripping read, but also a deeply funny meditation on what makes people run.


John Hanc is a contributing editor to Runner’s World and has also published inthe New York Times, Smithsonian, Family Circle, Newsday, and Boston Globe Magazine. Hanc teaches writing at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, is the author of seven previous books, and has completed 24 marathons.











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