Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a first time marathoner. Do you accept first-timers on your trips?

    • Of course. Many runners like the thrill of running their first marathon in some exotic location.

  • I only run half marathons or 10ks. Do you offer non-marathon trips?

    • Many events offer shorter events in addition to the marathon. Running shorter distances are even more fun when you are on vacation and the shorter distances are popular with the “supporters” on the trip.

  • I want to travel solo. Is Marathon Tours & Travel the right option for me?

    • Absolutely! We take the hassle out of travel and provide the memorable and safe experience that is achieved by traveling with like-minded, adventure-seeking runners. It’s fun seeing the sights and running with a group. If you prefer double occupancy packages but are traveling alone, ask us to see if there is a single traveler that can share a room.

  • Can I bring family & friends?

    • Of course. The event consumes a small portion of the time spent during your trip. There is always sightseeing and general activities that appeal to all travelers. Some of our trips especially appeal to families such as the Gold Coast Marathon (August)  Safaricom Marathon (June) or the Walt Disney World Marathon (January). We also have quite a few runners who make that special trip with a parent.

  • How does your payment plan work?

    • Our payment plan is an interest-free payment method where you will have the opportunity to spread payment for your booking with us in a number of instalments.

      All payments must be completed before travel. Partial payments will not be refunded or honoured for future bookings. In case of a missing payment, the booking will be cancelled.

      · Payment 1: At the time of registration

      · Payment 2 Interim Payments: Will be due by X weeks as mentioned at time of booking, before your departure date

      · Payment 3 Final Payment: Will be due by 12 weeks before your departure date (unless mentioned otherwise at time of booking)

  • Will scheduled payments be taken automatically?

    • Yes, these will be taken. If there’s any problems, one of our team will get in touch so keep an eye out around the payment date.

  • Can I cancel by booking?

    • Get in touch and we’ll be able to advise on your specific booking. There’s no charge if you want to cancel within 24 hours of making a booking. After this it’ll be different depending on what you’ve booked. Take a look at our T&Cs here and see what applies to you.

  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?

    • Everyone should have travel insurance so that you can be looked after if anything goes wrong. Travel insurance covers you if anything doesn’t go to plan before you travel as well so take it out at the time of booking. Make sure that you are insured for the activities that you will undertake plus the equipment that you have with you.

  • Can we book from outside the UK/ overseas?

    • Absolutely. If there are any restrictions on regions or nationalities that we are allowed to sell to, we’ll let you know on the event web page.

  • Do I need a medical certificate for my event?

    • You need a medical certificate issued within a year of the event date for events that take place in France and Italy. Check out our medical certification page to see which events and to print out a sample medical certificate.

  • My booking says ‘pending’ what does this mean?

    • ‘Pending’ status usually means we are checking final details of your booking or application. You will receive further updates via email once these checks have been made.

  • When will I receive my final travel itinerary?

    • We know how much you are looking forward to the event. we’ll do our best to have to your final travel itineraries to you 5-7 days before you travel but if it’s going to take a bit longer, we’ll let you know.

  • I’ve not received my booking confirmation email, where is it?

    • First thing’s first, check your spam! You can also add our email address to your address book and you will never miss an email again. Should you still have problems, please get in touch with at hello@destinationsport.com or on +44 (0)161 676 0390

  • Can I buy event entry only?

    • Usually, no but we do offer just the event entry on some events. We are restricted by the race organisers rules and sell event as part of a travel package. With us you receive the travel experience with the knowledge of guaranteed entry. If we are able to offer you event entry only, we will let you know on the event web page.

  • Do I need to qualify to enter an event?

    • Usually no although sometimes events such as Ultra Marathons do require you to complete a qualifying race and time. If there are any qualification requirements, we’ll let you know on the event web page.

  • Can a guide or support runner book with us?

    • Yes absolutely! We welcome your booking but please contact us first as we will check with the event on your behalf. Some events provide a complimentary entry for guide or support runner.