Visit New York and its neighbourhoods – where to go and what to see for TCS New York City Marathon

Photo of Brooklyn Bridge during the New York Marathon

The TCS New York Marathon 2024 is fast-approaching and participants are getting ready to race in one of the most iconic cities in the world. If you think of busy cities, you can’t not think of New York and the Big Apple has plenty to offer visitors both before and after their race.

With the TCS New York Marathon 2023 taking place on 5 November, you’ll get to experience the United States’ biggest city during the changing of the seasons, with leafy autumnal vibes crossing over with cosy winter settings. The complexity of New York can be confusing, so we’ve put together a guide to show you the best parts of the city to visit and make the most of your stay…

Tick off all the traditional tourist hotspots

The city of dreams has some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, made famous by a number of TV shows, films and books throughout time. Whether you want the impressive displays of Times Square or the easier-going mood of Central Park, New York has something to offer for all of its visitors.

Our top three…

  1. Central Park – The finishing point of the TCS New York Marathon 2023, Central Park is New York’s largest green space and is arguably the most iconic city in the world. Whether you are visiting the zoo, grabbing a coffee or spotting famous filming locations such as The Bethesda Fountain from Home Alone 2, Central Park has plenty going on at all times of year.
  2. Statue of Liberty – As iconic as Central Park, the Statue of Liberty is one of the world’s most recognisable statues and represents the values of American culture. Located in the middle of the Hudson river, the sculpture is surprisingly large and has to be seen to be believed, with boat tours allowing an up-close-experience of the Green Goddess.
  3. Empire State Building – New York only deals in iconic locations and the Empire State Building is no different, having been the world’s tallest building for 40 years since its creation in 1931. Although tours can be on the expensive-side, the views offered at the top are well-worth the price, demonstrating panoramic vistas across America’s most beautiful city.
The Empire State Building remains New York’s most iconic building, as it approaches its 100th birthday. [Source: Marathon Tours & Travel]

Explore the best neighbourhoods New York has to offer

Being the United States’ biggest city by some distance can make New York feel overwhelming, but if you know where to go you can experience the sights and sounds without feeling rushed off your feet. Each district provides its own eccentricity, with great cuisine, culture and history at the heart of every neighbourhood, with so much to explore everywhere you look.

Our top three…

  1. Bask in the bustle of Brooklyn. One of New York’s most recognisable locations, Brooklyn Bridge offers unrivalled views of the city’s skyline and is a great place to experience the city’s rich and diverse history. If you do one thing in Brooklyn, cross the Brooklyn Bridge to fully appreciate the Manhattan skyline and feel like an authentic New Yorker along the way.
  2. Get amongst Greenwich Village. Located north west of Manhattan on the banks of the Hudson River, Greenwich Village is home to some of the best music, art and culture that New York has to offer. Greenwich Village is the place to be for the city’s bohemian community and features must-see locations such as the Friends Apartment building, Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone from Sex and the City and Washington Square Park; often full of street performers.
  3. Make the most of Manhattan. At the heart of everything New York has to offer, Manhattan is a tourism hotspot full of art, architecture and amazing food. As well as Central Park and the Empire State building, Manhattan is also home to Times Square, the Flatiron Building and Grand Central. If you want a more in-depth look at NYC’s history and culture, Manhattan also offers The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the One World Observatory.
New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge, one of its most iconic structures and a great place to view Manhattan’s skyline. [Source: Marathon Tours & Travel]

Get a taste of New York’s food and drink scene

New York has over 8 million people spread over five boroughs and has one of the most rich and diverse cuisine scenes not only in the United States but also across the world. As a result, it can be difficult to narrow down where to get the best food and drink during your stay in the city. Here’s the best places to head to…

  1. Have the perfect pizza. New York is world-famous for its Italian community and the culture of street food that has been cultivated from it. Whether it’s pizza or pasta you want, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to this cuisine. The best place to go is Joe’s Pizza, a traditional counter-top pizza shop offering huge slices of authentic New York Italian pizza – a perfect post-marathon snack to lift your spirits!
  2. Grab a world-famous New York bagel. Another one of New York’s most iconic foods, the bagel and what goes in it is a key talking point for New Yorkers across the city. If you go to one bagel joint, make sure it’s Ess-a-Bagel, an historic bagel and sandwich shop operating in NYC since 1976 and with locations all over the city.
  3. Have a beer at New York’s oldest pub. McSorley’s Old Ale House located in the trendy East Village area of the city is purportedly New York’s oldest pub, having opened in 1854 and retains all of its charm from the day it first opened. Set within a traditional Irish theme, it is a popular hostelry for locals and at $5 a beer, it is also refreshingly cheap for New York prices as well!

Our top three tips for your trip to New York

Starting out in 1970, the TCS New York Marathon 2024 has evolved from a local road race held entirely in Central Park to what is now the world’s largest marathon. [Source: Marathon Tours & Travel]
  • Give yourself plenty of time. New York is America’s largest city and with so many things to do and see, as well as prepare for your race, it’s worth taking it easy so you can experience everything the city has to offer during your stay.
  • Pack well. The TCS New York City Marathon 2023 takes place in the United States’ Autumnal season and although it is possible to have warm conditions, it’s also worth preparing for colder and wetter conditions!