Sports Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates

If you would like to take part in a mass participation event in France or Italy, it is obligatory that you provide a valid medical certificate. The certificate must be uploaded to the event entry system before the event. In some cases you can also show the certificate when you collect your entry pack the day before the event.

The certificate must state that there is no issue from a health point of view for you to take part in a sports event.

A copy of the medical certificate will be accepted so you can keep the original for future use. Your medical certificate should be signed by a doctor and the certificate has to be dated within a year of the event date.

Your options to obtain a medical certificate


Easy and efficient! Use the online medical certification service. You will register and complete a questionnaire. Based on your answers, a medical professional will review it and provide the certificate electronically to you.


Print out the event’s standard document and take it to your doctor to be signed. Depending on your doctor, you may need to have a physical appointment or they may be able to provide you with one based on your medical history without having to make an appointment. Costs may vary as some doctors will offer this service for free, whereas others may charge for the service.

Ahead of making an appointment with your doctor, you should download and print the standard document from the event website. To save you searching we’ve listed a few below.


Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris

Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris


Run Rome the Marathon