Sport Resorts by Marathon Tours & Travel

Picture of the athletics track at the Gloria Hotel

Sport Resorts

Marathon Tours & Travel have partnered with some of the best Sport Resorts around the world, from Europe to the Far East, introducing a new programme of training destinations. This could be a family holiday to a resort hotel where your training programme is not interrupted and the rest of the family get to relax. Or, it could be a group trip away with your running club to an excellent training facility with dedicated training sessions provided by professional coaches.

We have hand-picked our selection of resorts and training destinations with the very best, high quality facilities to enable you to continue your training. Whether that be track running or rehabilitation training in Turkey, heat and humidity training in Thailand or winter training in the Balearic or Canary Islands – we have the Sport Resort to fit your needs. Everything has been taken into account – the choice of sports on offer, the wellness facilities including gyms, spa, massage and ice baths.

As everyone knows, you can’t train all the time, so we’ve made sure that you’ll have somewhere comfortable to rest your head after a busy day of running, gym work or cross-fit training. We’ll help you choose your Sport Resort based on what you need – whether that’s first-class spa facilities, great restaurants with menus geared towards athletes in training, or just really comfortable beds. Part of any training programme should be rest days – and what better place to rest and relax than in a resort with fabulous facilities. This could include swimming, hydrotherapy or thalassotherapy pools, spa facilities such as massage therapies, hammam, jacuzzi and sauna or just a high quality gym in which to warm down in before hitting the sunbed.


Step up a gear with Marathon Tours & Travel training camps and holidays designed to fit around your, or your club’s, running training programme. Choose from a selection of destinations and opening dates.


Stay in some of the best Sport Resorts hotels in the world and combine your training with relaxation and family holidays. Alternatively contact us for a bespoke training camp for your running club or group of friends.


We’ll help you to find the destination and appropriate climate that’s just right for your training plan and your upcoming event. That could be temperature, humidity or even wind speed.