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September 8, 2024
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If you have questions regarding Marathon Tours & Travel’s Arctic Marathon Packages please: EMAIL OUR TRIP DESIGNER or CALL 617-242-7845

Marathon Tours & Travel began offering the Antarctica Marathon®️ in 1995.  As the creator of the first annual sporting event in Antarctica, we are proud to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2024 with two charters to Antarctica. We are also proud to announce that after years of requests from our Antarctica Alumni for a similar “once in a lifetime adventure experience” in the Arctic, we will be hosting our first Arctic Marathon in September 2024! An extraordinary trip like this doesn’t come along every year, book now for our 2024 sailing or be waiting a few years for the opportunity to explore one of the most breathtaking landscapes with us.

The Arctic Marathon Tour Package begins with three-nights in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Here you will enjoy exploring the former Viking outpost and most interesting current capital in Scandinavia, before heading to the new world first discovered by Erik the Red – Greenland.  You will be flown to Kangerlussuaq which is located on the western coast of Greenland, where your adventure begins aboard the new Ocean Albatros ship. Over the course of the first few days, the ship sails north to the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rightly known the world over as ‘the Iceberg Capital of the World’. Opposite the south side of the Ilulissat Icefjord is Ilimanaq – the location of our 2024 Arctic Marathon, Half-Marathon and Ultra 50K!

During your travels you will explore a pristine corner of the planet, coming face-to-face with Arctic fjords, glaciers, icebergs, seals, whales, Inuit villages and hopefully polar bears. Historians and scientists will provide lectures on board our ship and we will experience cultural and wildlife excursions during landings in remote areas.

The racecourse starts and finishes in the small village of Ilimanaq, the architype of rural Greenland. Following dogsled and ATV trails, you will enjoy views of the tiny harbor often choked with floating ice, clusters of multicolored houses, and an almost endless backcountry. Great care will be taken to leave behind zero impact on the community and environment in this sensitive ecosystem. Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) takes their environments steward role seriously and in fact has raised more than $500,000 for Oceanites in Antarctica, the non-profit scientific organization that monitors the effects of climate change and the impact of tourism on Antarctica. MTT will identify a worthy philanthropic cause in Greenland too.

To race on all seven continents is a goal of many marathoners and we are proud to have made that possible for 30 years!  We now begin a new challenge for our friends – The Polar Challenge!

Note: Space for 2024 will first be offered to Antarctica Alumni and their families (and significant others) and our Seven Continents Club® (SCC) Members. Space permitting, it will be available for non-SCC Members to book in late January.

Meals Included

Meals Included

Three meals daily aboard ship



Services of Marathon Tours & Travel experienced staff

Trip Extension

Trip Extension

Post-race extension to Reykjavik, Iceland



Three nights in Copenhagen, 10 nights on board the Ocean Albatros



Guaranteed Marathon, Half & Ultra 50K Entry

Celebration Party

Celebration Party

Celebration and Awards Ceremony/Dinner



Zodiac and wildlife excursions

Worldwide Events

Worldwide Events

Antarctica Alumni can earn their Official Polar Challenge Medal!

Medal Bling

Medal Bling

Official Arctic Marathon Tech Race Shirt and Finisher Medal

Travel Package Information

  • Itinerary

    • Arctic Marathon Package/13 Nights/September 2-15, 2024

      Monday, September 2
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      Flights arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark and will transfer on their own to the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.  Your Marathon Tours & Travel hosts will meet you at the hotel and there will be an optional light training run in the late afternoon along the Nyhaven (New Harbor) River. You have this evening to explore some of this city’s famous restaurants just a short walk (or ride) from our hotel.

      Tuesday, September 3
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      Enjoy today by exploring Copenhagen on your own or join us for an optional day tour  to nearby historic sights.

      Optional Day Tour (additional cost) – Today we will explore historic sights outside of Copenhagen, including the interactive Viking Ship Museum that is built around five original Viking ships from Skuldelev. For a royal journey through time, we will visit The Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with 800 years of history as the burial church for Danish monarchs. The tour also includes a visit to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, where you can soak up the romantic setting surrounded by a beautiful lake and gardens.

      We look forward to seeing you at the evening cocktail reception, followed by a welcome dinner and the important mandatory race check-in/briefing at the hotel. (Breakfast and dinner included)

      Wednesday, September 4
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      Following breakfast, enjoy a two-hour Grand Canal Tour cruising the rivers of one of the most interesting capitals in Scandinavia.

      You have this afternoon/evening to explore some more of this wonderful city on your own. (Breakfast included) 

      Thursday, September 5 - Kangerlussuaq Flight and Embarkation
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      After breakfast, we board our chartered flights in Copenhagen, Denmark, bound for Kangerlussuaq on the west coast of Greenland.

      Situated at the head of a 160km long fjord of the same name, Kangerlussuaq is Greenland’s only inland town, and was established as Soderstrum Air Base/Bluie West-8 by American troops in 1941. Existing largely to service the airport, the town of Kangerlussuaq itself retains a strong ‘Cold War’ feeling, hinting at its extensive American military use before it was signed over to the Greenlandic Government in 1992. Today Kangerlussuaq is Greenland’s largest air hub, with flights arriving daily from Denmark and around the country. Its stable climate and lack of fog makes it ideal as an airport, but it exhibits some of the most varied temperatures in the country, commonly registering the highest summer and lowest winter temperatures due to its inland location.

      Upon arrival in Kangerlussuaq, you will be transported to the small port located west of the airport, where the Ocean Albatros awaits at anchor. Zodiacs will transfer us the short distance to the ship, where you will be checked in to your stateroom. While enjoying dinner and a glass of champagne we set sail on a course for adventure along the 160-kilometre Kangerlussuaq fjord. (Breakfast and dinner included)

      Friday, September 6 - Sisimiut, Greenland's Second City (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)
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      After breakfast, Ocean Albatros will arrive in the colorful city of Sisimiut. With around 5,400 inhabitants, it is Greenland’s second largest city, and one of the most interesting to explore. Paleo-Inuit people have lived around Sisimiut on and off since 2,500 BC, arriving in waves of migration from Arctic Canada. Remnants of turf huts and tent camps from this time can be found throughout the vast back country which surrounds Sisimiut, including on Tele Island, a pleasant short walk from the harbour.

      In 1756, Count Johan Ludvig Holstein established a colony here and called it “Holsteinsborg”. The oldest part of Sisimiut features town houses from this era, and the oldest dates back to 1756. One of the most culturally significant buildings is the Blue Church, built in 1775, now a landmark in the city’s historical museum district, arguably the best preserved in Greenland, and the perfect place to discover the Greenland of old.

      Nowadays, Sisimiut is an important hub of education and industry, and local factories process the bulk of fish caught in the country (Greenland’s largest export). The fish processing plant in the harbour is one of the largest in Greenland, and among the most modern in the world. Just beyond the harbour sits the headquarters of KNI, the government-operated company which resupplies the many small settlements throughout Greenland – a vital service in a country with so many remote communities.

      The busy city center of Sisimiut offers a glimpse of what daily life is like in 21st-century Greenland, where seal hunts and smartphones collide. Take a refreshing stroll around Spedjesø and take in an exhibition at the city’s cultural center, explore the region’s fascinating heritage at the city museum, or visit the Artists Workshop, where savvy shoppers can purchase traditional artworks direct from the artist. As evening falls, we will leave Sisimiut and set a course for the iceberg studded waters of Disko Bay (Qeqertarsuup Tunua) as Ocean Albatros sails for Qeqertarsuaq. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Saturday, September 7 - Ilulissat (12:00 PM - 5:00 AM)
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      This is it. This is why visitors from all over the world come to Greenland. Translated from Kalaallisut simply as ‘icebergs’, Ilulissat is rightly known the world over as ‘the Iceberg Capital of the World’. Surely no other city on Earth occupies such a spectacular natural setting.

      Situated within a short walk of the harbor lies Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland’s most famous site. Choked with city-sized icebergs so closely packed one could almost walk across to the other side, Ilulissat Icefjord stretches 70 km from its outlet in Disko Bay near the city of Ilulissat back to the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. This is the single largest glacier on Earth outside Antarctica, draining 13% of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and producing 10% of all the ice in the Northern Hemisphere (enough water to supply the annual needs of the entire United States). These mind-blowing statistics, together with the indescribably beautiful scenery, have secured the Ilulissat Icefjord designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      While archaeological finds detail the long Inuit habitation of the area, the modern town has steadily flourished in the 280 years since its establishment; legendary Arctic explorer, Knud Rasmussen was born in Ilulissat, and his childhood home now houses the city museum. Today, Ilulissat is Greenland’s third largest town, with more than 4,500 inhabitants, and is undoubtedly Greenland’s tourism capital, with more hotel rooms than even Nuuk. The city offers excellent amenities to visitors, with fresh locally caught seafood served in the city’s cafes and restaurants, and excellent shopping – look out especially for the Artist’s Workshop above the harbour, where you can buy handmade artworks direct from the artist. The city typically experiences dry sunny weather throughout the summer, and there are a variety of well-marked hiking routes around the Icefjord, with options to suit all abilities.

      During the visit you will have the opportunity to join a boat trip with a local captain to the Icefjord (optional excursion – charge applies). The journey takes about two and a half hours and is considered the best way to experience the magic of Ilulissat Icefjord up close. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Sunday, September 8 - Ilimanaq, Disko Bay - Race Day (7:00 AM - 8:00 PM)
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      Situated on the opposite side of Ilulissat Icefjord, the small village of Ilimanaq is the architype of rural Greenland. With a tiny harbor often choked with floating ice, clusters of multicolored houses, and an almost endless backcountry, this is what most people think of when considering this vast island country.

      Ilimanaq, meaning ‘Place of Expectations’ in Greenlandic, was established during the whaling era, when Dutch, English and Danish whalers flooded the region in search of prey. Many of the other settlements in the region also date to this era, with Ilimanaq established as ‘Claushavn’ in 1752 by Poul Egede, son of the Danish missionary Hans Egede who re-established European contact with Greenland. The collapse in whaling stocks in the late 1800s meant a decline in the area’s fortunes, with Ilimanaq fading into obscurity, and nearby Ilulissat becoming the dominant city in Disko Bay.

      More recently, tourism has become an important part of the economy of Ilimanaq. The church and the various buildings from the settlement’s days as a remote trading post have been lovingly restored and repurposed. Today, a set of swanky cabins overlooks the crystal-clear iceberg-studded waters of Disko Bay from the village, and the old warehouses have been converted into a Michelin-starred restaurant serving new Nordic cuisine with authentic Greenlandic ingredients.

      Away from these modern additions, Ilimanaq remains deeply rooted in the hunting and fishing culture that has governed life in Greenland for millennia. Meat and fish are put out to dry next to the day’s laundry, and the only sound on the wind is the yowling of sled dogs.

      The vast backcountry of Ilimanaq holds vast tundra plains, punctuated by rocky hills and fjords – a typically Greenlandic location to run in! (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Monday, September 9 - At Sea
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      From Ilimanaq, Ocean Albatros will follow the rugged coast of Greenland southwards. All settlements in Greenland (except for Kangerlussuaq) are situated directly on the ocean coast of the country, and the vast majority of residents (some 50,000 or so) live on the narrow strip of coast on the west of the country, facing the Davis Strait. Ocean currents bring warm water up from the Atlantic to the west coast, enriching these wildlife-filled waters. During our day at sea, keep your eyes on the sea! Whales, seals and a huge variety of seabirds are common in these rich waters.

      Days at sea are never dull. We will arrange a variety of activities onboard for our guests to enjoy and to engage the mind, body and soul. Join your knowledgeable Expedition Team lecturers in the Theatre to hear specially crafted lectures on local history, wildlife, geology, culture and more, unwind with a massage in the Albatros Polar Spa, or simply watch the seabirds gliding along the ship from our hot tubs as the Ocean Albatros flies along the coast of Greenland.  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Tuesday, September 10 - Nuuk, The Capital of Greenland (6:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
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      A mixture of skyscrapers and traditional wooden houses, the quaint and the cosmopolitan, Nuuk is a city of contrasts. The vibrant bustling capital of Greenland, Nuuk feels much larger than its 19,000 inhabitants, and offers a wealth of experiences to visitors. The calm fjords around Nuuk have been inhabited by Paleo-Inuit cultures since at least 2200BCE, and archaeological evidence indicates waves of migration through the area as ancient hunters followed migrating prey. Around the year 100CE, Norse colonist from Iceland established the Western Settlement in the green meadows of Nuuk Fjord; these settlers mysteriously disappeared several hundred years later leaving the island to the Inuit, who were far better equipped to live in Greenland’s harsh environment.

      The next Scandinavian to visit the area was Hans Egede, the controversial Danish missionary who ‘rediscovered’ Greenland, founding Nuuk as Godthåb (“Good Hope”) in 1728. Danish initiatives to modernize Greenland in the 1950s left a significant mark on Nuuk. While they brought significant improvements to the city’s infrastructure, the many large apartment blocks in the city attest to rapid (and sometimes haphazard) urbanization. In 1979, the Home Rule Act created the Greenlandic Parliament (Inatsisartut) and proclaimed Nuuk the capital. The city’s population continues to rapidly grow, with new suburbs being constructed beneath Ukkusissat, the mountain which looms to the east of the city.

      Nuuk offers a huge amount to the discerning visitor; larger than any other city in Greenland, Nuuk has a bustling cosmopolitan vibe, and hosts some of Greenland’s best attractions. Swing by Kolonihavn district to visit the Greenlandic National Museum, a treasure trove of history stretching back to the first inhabitants of this icy island – including artefacts from the Paleo-Inuit and Norse periods, as well as the spellbinding Qilakistoq mummies. Explore Greenlandic culture at Katuaq, the city’s cultural center, and an architectural marvel; shop for authentic Greenlandic artworks in the city’s many boutique shops, or simply relax at a hip curbside café with a Greenlandic coffee and watch this vibrant city in action. Nuuk York (as proud locals call it) is unlike any other city in Greenland, or indeed the world. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Wednesday, September 11 - Qassiarsuk | Brattahlið (3:00 PM - 7:00 PM)
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      During the afternoon, Ocean Albatros will sail through the majestic mountains of Tunulliarfik Fjord towards the small village of Qassiarsuk. The southern fjords of Greenland offer a very different environment to the chilly north of the country. Situated at roughly 60°N, this region is level with northern Scotland or southern Scandinavia, with a climate to match. Here, the weather is calm, stable and humid, with much warmer summers and milder winters than in the rest of the country. In place of rocky hillsides, the fjords here are lined with lush green meadows and dotted with small sheep-farming settlements, of which Qassiarsuk is perhaps the best known.

      While the modern village of Qassiarsuk was founded in 1924, the location has a fascinated and much longer history; it was here that Eric the Red, legendary Norse explorer settled after being banished from Iceland. He named the land he discovered ‘Greenland’ to encourage other settlers to follow him – a marketing ploy that has stood for over a thousand years!

      Erik the Red settled in this green landscape and set up a small farmstead in typical Norse style, naming his new settlement Brattahlíð. Erik himself kept fiercely to the Norse gods, but his wife Thjodhild was a Christian. Legend has it, she refused to join his bed until he built her a church, which he eventually did, constructing a tiny hut (Þjóðhildarkirkja) which was nevertheless the first church in the Americas (although he refused to have it within view of his house).

      The Norse settlers in Greenland stayed for almost 500 years but disappeared from all historical records in the early 1400s. Whether some plague or famine struck them, or whether deteriorating climate simply forced them to return to Scandinavia remains a topic of lively debate. Today the outlines of buildings (including Erik’s house and Thjodhild’s church) can be seen, along with stunningly accurate reconstructions of the farm. Modern Inuit farmers continue to raise sheep in the same farms as Erik the Red, and a statue of Erik now overlooks the village, commemorating the first European to reach the Americas, whose son Leif would be the first European to reach Baffin Island and Newfoundland. A site rich in fascinating history and culture old and new, the settlement of Brattahlíð is today part of the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Thursday, September 12 - Prins Chirstian Sund (7:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
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      South of Qassiarsuk lies Kap Farvel, or Cape Farewell, which is renowned not only as Greenland’s southernmost point, but also for its infamously challenging weather, which commonly features large swells and gale-force winds.

      With this in mind, we deliberately opt for a far more comfortable but also more spectacular route, cruising via the inside passage of Prins Christian Sund. Known in Greenlandic by its typically descriptive name of Ikerasassuaq (‘the Big Strait’), this 60 km long waterway reaches from the small village of Aappilattoq out to the southeastern coast of Greenland, connecting the Labrador and Irminger Seas.

      Prins Christian Sund is one of the most spectacular waterways anywhere on Earth. Kept free of ice year-round by strong tidal currents, the strait is hemmed in on either side by mountains which rise straight out of the water some reaching over 2,000m in height. Large glaciers flow from the ice sheet into the sea on the northern side of the strait, while sapphire blue mountain glaciers loom over the water from the southern side, and vast icebergs stud the glassy waters.

      We will exit Prins Christian Sund into the Irminger Sea and set a course up the coast towards the fjord of Skjoldungen.  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Friday, September 13 - Skjoldungen, Southeast Greenland (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
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      Today’s adventure begins as we sail into magnificent Skjoldungen, a staggeringly beautiful fjord on the southeastern coast of Greenland. The fjord is named for Skjold, an ancient Danish King of Norse legend, while the Greenlandic name, Saqqisikuik, references the sunny climate of the area. Various archaeological finds on the island which sits in the middle of the fjord suggests nomadic Inuit groups visited and stayed in the area in years gone by; more recently, settlers were brought from Tasiilaq to settle the island in the 1930s but returned there thirty years later; some houses can still be seen on the southern side of the fjord. A small weather station was also operated on the island by the Allies during WWII.

      Today uninhabited, Skjoldungen sits almost 300km from the nearest village, with Mother Nature its only ruler. Vast saw-toothed mountains lined with opalescent glaciers line the deep chilly waters of the fjord, which can freeze even in summer. At the head of the fjord lies the magnificent Thryms Glacier, a magnificent river of ice flowing down from the ice sheet. On the southern side of Thryms Glacier lies the sweeping U-shaped glacial valley of Dronning Maries Dal – a textbook example of a glacially produced landscape. Join your expedition team for a walk on the flower-lined floor of this valley, and marvel at the stunning scenery. Ensure you are on the outer decks on our approach and departure from this magnificent fjord too: you will not be disappointed!  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Saturday, September 14 - At Sea enroute to Reykjavik, Iceland
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      During our time at sea approaching Reykjavik, a variety of activities will be arranged on board to provide our guests with the chance to reflect on their voyage. Relax with an expertly crafted cocktail in the Nordic Bar in the company of new friends, soak up the knowledge and passion of our Expedition Team during lectures, or simply enjoy the flight of the fulmars which accompany us towards Iceland.

      During your last evening onboard, join the Captain and Officers for the Farewell Cocktail Party, followed by a presentation of photos and video by our onboard photographer – the ideal opportunity to re-live your Arctic adventure. Skål!  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

      Sunday, September 15 - Reykjavik, Iceland (6:00 AM Arrival)
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      The rock-like columns of Hallgrímskirkja Church loom over the city of Reykjavik, a hip Scandinavian capital which needs little introduction. With new Nordic cuisine, excellent shopping, fantastic excursions and an easy relaxed vibe, Reykjavik is one of Scandinavia’s most welcoming and exciting cities. Such a bustling capital may feel strange after the remote wilderness of the Arctic!

      After a hearty breakfast, it is time to bid a fond farewell to the Crew and Expedition Team of Ocean Albatros, and descend the gangway back to dry land with memories of the voyage of a lifetime. (Breakfast included)

      To read more about the Arctic Cruise, please go here.

  • Extensions

    •  Reykjavik Extension | Four-Night Package: September 15 – 19, 2024

      Sunday, September 15 – Today, we will depart the Ocean Albatros and begin the next leg of this exciting adventure in Reykjavik. We will check-in to the CenterHotel Plaza, and the rest of the day will be yours to explore this charming capital city on your own while you get reacquainted with “land life.” (Breakfast is included)

      Monday, September 16 – Today enjoy the “Golden Circle” tour of the Icelandic countryside exploring the country’s natural wonders. First, a stop at Thingvellir National Park where the world’s oldest parliament met and then to Gullfuss (Golden Falls), a magnificent waterfall. After Gullfoss, we travel down the road to visit Geysir, from where the word “geysir” originates. After lunch (at your own expense) we continue to Hveragerdi where harnessed geothermal power warms greenhouses nurturing fruits. Finally, we end the tour at the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing soak in the world-famous hot springs. You will depart at 8:00 a.m. and return around 6:00 p.m. (Breakfast is included)

      Tuesday, September 17 – Get ready to be in awe as we explore the dramatic landscapes of the south of Iceland on a 10-hour tour from Reykjavik. Experience diverse nature at its best with waterfalls and black sand beaches. Walk behind the cascades of Seljalandsfoss, hike to the top of Skógafoss, and enjoy a walk on Reynisfjara black sand beach with the Reynisdrangar rock formations. You will depart at 8:00 a.m. and return around 6:00 p.m. (Breakfast is included)

      Wednesday, September 18 – The day is yours to enjoy Reykjavik! Stop by the Hallgrimskirkja church to admire the architecture, take a stroll to the waterfront to see the Sun Voyager, or visit one of the many museums in the city. Join your MT&T team and fellow travelers in the evening for a farewell reception to reminisce on this unforgettable trip. (Breakfast is included)

      Thursday, September 19 – Transfer on your own (via FlyBus + shuttle) to the airport for return flights or enjoy your extended stay. (Breakfast is included)

      (itinerary subject to change)

  • Packages & Rates

    • Arctic Marathon Package | 13-Nights: September 2 – 15, 2024


      • Three nights hotel accommodations at the Copenhagen Marriott in Denmark from September 2 to September 5
      • All hotel taxes
      • Full breakfast each morning at the hotel
      • Airport Transfers (see note below)
      • Grand Canal Tour in Copenhagen
      • Optional Day Tour from Copenhagen (Tuesday, September 3rd) – $110
      • Welcome Reception and Dinner
      • Charter flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
      • Ten nights on the Ocean Albatros – Explore the ship and staterooms HERE
      • Three meals daily, afternoon tea and happy hour aboard your ship
      • Special VIP Package for Premium Suite’s, Category A, and B Suite
      • Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Reception
      • Official Expedition Parka
      • Official Arctic Marathon Tech Race Shirt and Finisher Medal
      • Official Polar Challenge Tech Shirt and Medal for Antarctica and Arctic Finishers
      • Lecture program on board your ship
      • Zodiac and wildlife excursions
      • Kayaking with whales’ option (additional cost)
      • Services of Marathon Tours & Travel staff
      • Race entry fee is an additional $250

      Not Included:

      • Meals unless noted on the itinerary
      • Gratuities and tips, unless noted
      • Incidentals
      • Travel Insurance
      • International Airfare from/to your home airport

      IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Single occupancy on the ships is only available in Cat. G – Single Staterooms, all other cabins are shared.  If you are traveling alone, we will match you with another runner of the same gender.  You may elect to have a single hotel room in Copenhagen for a single supplement.
      AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Airport transfers are provided for guests on September 5 from the Copenhagen Marriott to the Copenhagen Airport and from the Kangerlussuaq to the Ocean Albatros pier. Airport transfers are also included when we disembark in Reykjavik on September 15

      AIRFARE : Flights should be booked to fly into Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) in Denmark and out of Keflavik (Reykjavik area) Airport (KEF) in Iceland. Please note MTT recommends that you book your flight directly with the airline. If you need assistance, please contact our office at 617.242.7845 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

      IMPORTANT TRAVEL NOTES (per U.S. regulations) 

      Airline ticket names need to match your passport exactly. All passports need to have a blank page for visa space (if required) as well as a validity date of six months from the date your trip departs.  If your passport expires less than six months prior to the departure of this tour, you need to renew this passport for valid travel. Click for more information on travel details.

      Travel Insurance

      Travel Insurance for U.S. Residents
      Travel Insurance for Canadian Residents

      Rates (all prices are per person in US dollars)

      Arctic Tour PackageDouble OccupancySingle Occupancy
      Category G Stateroom - Single Cabin - SOLD OUTN/A$10,590
      Category F Stateroom - Triple Stateroom Porthole - SOLD OUT $7995 per personN/A
      Category E French Balcony Stateroom - SOLD OUT$9260 per personN/A
      Category D Porthole Stateroom - SOLD OUT$8295 per personN/A
      Category C Balcony Stateroom - LIMITED AVAILABILITY$9995 per personN/A
      Category B Balcony Suite - SOLD OUT$11,470 per person N/A
      Category A Jr. Suite - SOLD OUT$13,785 per personN/A
      Freydis Suite - SOLD OUT $15,890 per personN/A
      Brynhilde Suite - SOLD OUT$17,050 per personN/A
      Race Entry$250 per entry
      Single Supplement - Copenhagen Hotel Only$595
      Additional Nights - Copenhagen or Reykjavikon request
      Day Tour from Copenhagen$110 per person
      Post-Race Extension to Reykjavik
      Double OccupancySingle Occupancy
      Reykjavik Extension$1390 per person$2060
  • Hotels

    • Copenhagen, Denmark

      Experience a luxury at Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, one of the finest modern hotels in Denmark. Discover spacious, beautifully appointed hotel rooms that rank among some of the largest in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each floor-to-ceiling window showcases mesmerizing views of the Copenhagen city center or captivating harbor views, from our picturesque waterfront location in Copenhagen city center.


      With a total of 94 comfortable staterooms and suites, all with unobstructed sea view, most with their own balcony, the Ocean Albatros has definitely become one of the most popular expedition cruise vessels in the world. Like its sistership, the Ocean Victory offers two restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and other state-of-the-art amenities.  The vessel has more than a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional expedition vessels and is one of the most environmentally friendly, implementing the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for our guests.


  • Event Information

    • Race Date: September 8, 2024

      Race Time:  7:30 AM

      Course: More information coming soon!

      Charitable Objective: Marathon Tours & Travel offers runners the opportunity to sponsor an official Arctic Marathon, Half-Marathon & Ultra 50K Mile Marker(s). The proceeds of the Mile Markers will be donated to an Arctic charity TBD. In return, the runner gets to keep his/her sponsored mile marker after the race as a great souvenir! In addition to the sponsored mile markers there is a live on-board auction during the tour with all proceeds also going to the chosen charity.

      Temperature: Average temperatures range between 35F-42F. The probability of precipitation averages 20%, with snow or mixed precipitation unlikely.

      Course Time Limit: Marathoners must finish under seven (7) hours and must pass the halfway mark in three (3) hours and 30 minutes. Half-Marathoners must finish under four (4) hours and thirty (30) minutes. Ultra 50K participants must finish under eight (8) hours and must pass the halfway mark in three (3) hours and 45 minutes.

      Course marshals have the responsibility to stop any runner from continuing who might endanger himself or herself through fatigue, hypothermia or dehydration.

      Number Pickup: Race check-in and the briefing with emphasis on the environmental rules and regulations governing this event will be held at the welcome dinner in Copenhagen. Attendance is mandatory for participation in the race. Race numbers will be distributed on the Ocean Albatros ship.

      Shoes: You will not need any special shoes.  A training shoe designed for off-road running is best. Racing flats are not recommended. NOTE: trekking poles are not allowed in either event.

      Eligibility: All runners must be at least 18 years of age on race day for participation in the marathon. There is no age limit for the half-marathon.

      Awards: The top three overall for males and females in each race will be recognized.  In the marathon, the top two in each age category will be recognized (under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70 and over). All finishers will receive a finisher certificate and a medallion.

      Difficulty: Difficult, due to weather and running surface.

  • Registration & Booking

    • Rates: Air and land prices may change due to currency fluctuations or changes in the tax or fuel surcharges.


      Rates: Prices may change due to changes in rates, taxes and/or fuel increases.

      Reservations and Payments: A Tour Application must be completed by each traveler. The initial deposit of 35% of package price per person is required upon your official confirmation letter that includes your ship assignment, cabin type, and travel dates. This payment confirms you on a definite basis. A second deposit of 45% of package price per person is due April 1, 2024. The balance of payment is due June 1, 2024.

      Cancellations: A $500 per person cancellation fee is non-refundable. A per person cancellation fee equaling 50% of monies already paid will be charged if cancellation is received in writing after March 1, 2024, and before April 1, 2024. A 75% of per person cancellation fee monies on deposit per person cancellation fee will be charged if cancellation is received in writing after April 1, 2024, and before June 1, 2024. No refund applies to cancellations after June 1, 2024.

      Not included in price: All items not specifically listed under tour features. Any new tax imposed by any government agency. Any fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines or cruise company. All taxes are subject to change. The entry fee of $250 for either race event is additional and is non-refundable.

      Insurance: Medical evacuation insurance for a minimum of US$200,000 in coverage is mandatory for all passengers. For your protection, trip cancellation, baggage, health and accident insurance is highly recommended for all participants. However, no representation or description of the insurance made by our staff constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance.

      Travel Insurance for U.S. Residents
      Travel Insurance for Canadian Residents

      Security Policy: Marathon Tours & Travel’s security policy requires that anyone staying in our room block must be registered as part of our package. If a registered client attempts to house a non-registered guest and /or invite them to attend any of our scheduled activities, the registered guest’s tour package will be forfeited, and parties may be denied access to future tours. Please note that no exceptions will be made as this policy will be strictly enforced.

      Event Waiver: In consideration for my entry acceptance, I hereby for myself my heirs, executors and administrators release any and all rights for damages I may have against the sponsors, organizers, government officials, Marathon Tours, Inc. and Albatros Expeditions A/S or its affiliates, or any individual associated with the event. I attest that I am physically fit to complete this challenging event. I grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing to use my likeness in all media including photographs, pictures, recordings, or other records of this event for any legitimate purpose. I also understand that I am traveling to a very remote destination and that weather, acts of God and other forces beyond any person’s control may prevent the event from taking place. If the event is not held due to circumstances beyond our control such as but not limited to weather, acts of God or force majeure, I understand that no refund of my travel expenses or entry fees will be reimbursed.

      Responsibility: These tours are operated by Marathon Tours, Inc. of Chelsea, MA who acts only as an agent for the passenger to the companies offering such services and assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity caused by any reason whatsoever by any party offering such services. All terms and conditions offered are governed by the laws of Massachusetts. The right is reserved to cancel the tour prior to departure with a refund, less applicable credit card and processing fees, made as full settlement to the passenger. The right is reserved by Marathon Tours, Inc. to deny acceptance of a booking application by any person. Marathon Tours, Inc. may make any changes or alterations to the itinerary as it is deemed necessary for the proper handling of the tour. The sole responsibility of any airline used is limited to that set out in the passenger contract evidenced by the ticket. The airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time that the passengers are not on board their aircraft. All race participants must sign the trip application which acts as the race entry form and liability waiver.



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Meet the Reps

Jeff Adams


Jeff Adams


Jeff first found Marathon Tours & Travel as a client while pursuing his interest for international adventure travel. He is respected for being an innovative corporate and philanthropic leader with a passion for helping clients accomplish their goals.

Prior to joining Marathon Tours & Travel, Jeff enjoyed a 28 year career in various client centric leadership roles at Morgan Stanley. Jeff is a middle of the pack runner who enjoys a good challenge – like earning the Abbott World Marathon Major Six Star Medal twice and becoming a Seven Continents Club Finisher at the 2019 Cape Town Marathon

In addition to completing 44 marathons, Jeff is also an avid climber, skier and paddler. Jeff is a proud member of the Oceanites Board of Directors, President of T.O.U.R.S. (Tour Operators United for Runners), a Founding Board Member and Past President of the Make A Wish Foundation in North Texas, and recently concluded ten years of service on the National Board of Back on My Feet.

MaryKate Riordan

Trip Designer

MaryKate Riordan

Trip Designer

MaryKate joined the Marathon Tours & Travel team after receiving her B.A. in Sport Leadership & Administration from UMass Boston. Prior to completing her degree, MaryKate spent five years as a stewardess in the private yachting industry where she developed strong skills in customer service, travel logistics, and cultural immersion while exploring the world on the high seas. These remarkable years fueled her passion for travel and led her to a new hobby: marathon running. MaryKate has completed multiple marathons including Boston (2022) and Chicago (2023) as well as a variety of ultramarathons including the Comrades Marathon (Back to Back finisher 2018-2019). She also enjoys playing tennis, skiing, swimming, and searching for the best cup of coffee in town. She is excited to bring the knowledge she has gained from these experiences to the team where she will assist in cultivating many unforgettable trips.